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Gamma Sigma Chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity Officially Reinstalled

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

The Gamma Sigma Chapter.

On April 6th, 2019, the Gamma Sigma Chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity was officially reinstalled to Auburn University.

Hundreds celebrated the return of the historic chapter (originally established in 1934) at the Marriott Grand National Hotel in Opelika, AL.

What began in August 2017 as a group of 16 interested young men has become a unique brotherhood featuring 41 new initiates.

The Sigma Chi Gamma Colony was able to reach this milestone not only through the hard work and perseverance of its own members, but the amazing support of countless Sigma Chi active brothers, alumni, foundations, and provincial/international headquarters staff, without which this would have been impossible.

The goal of re-establishing the Gamma Sigma chapter to Auburn University is not the finish line, however; this is the true beginning of the lifelong Sigma Chi journey for these men. Gamma Sigma will not take its foot off the gas and will continue to grow and flourish for generations to come.

In Hoc Signo Vinces.

  • Coleman Kitchens

  • Ryan Barnes

  • Michael Roberts

  • Ross Jones

  • Addison Love

  • Fischer Hawkins

  • Will Odom

  • Armen Palanjian

  • Dryden Lewis

  • Mikey Guelfo

  • Reid Geheren

  • Jake Snyder

  • Carson Jerding

  • Gregory Crook

  • Henry Fairleigh

  • Peyton Lockwood

  • James Buckley

  • Andrew Garcia

  • Jaxon Reinken

  • Connor Whitmore

  • Mason Tittle

  • Zack Lundy

  • Stuart DiBoyan

  • David Moody

  • Connor Rose

  • Thomas McMillan

  • Luke Shilling

  • John Matherne

  • Harrison Fuller

  • Richmond Maddox

  • Brooks Berry

  • Nic Alessi

  • Cole Roberts

  • Sam Johnson

  • Harry Meyer

  • Bolton Davis

  • Trey Huckaby

  • Palmer Parrish

  • Colton Wollschlager

  • Chris Bawcum

  • Reid Zuber

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