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Gamma Sigma Elects New Officers

The 2018-19 Executive Committee for Gamma Sigma, pictured here on their last night as a team.

On Wednesday, November 6th, 2019, the Gamma Sigma Chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity elected its next officers. The new officers stepped into their positions effective immediately and will have terms of one calendar year.

The previous administration saw the official re-installation and rapid growth of the Gamma Sigma Chapter at Auburn University. The newly-elected officers will continue the Chapter's positive trajectory and work to make Sigma Chi the best fraternity it can be at Auburn.

Thank you to our previous officers and congratulations to our new ones.

Sigma Chi | Gamma Sigma | 2019-2020 Officers:

Consul | James Buckley

Pro Consul | Luke Shilling

Annotator | Grantland Stone

Quaestor | Fischer Hawkins

Magister | Thomas McMillan

Recruitment Chair | Kaleb Tindall

Risk Manager | Chris Bawcum

Tribune | Connor Rose

Social Chair | Brooks Berry

Scholarship Chair | Alex Litwin

Kustos | Will Bowden

Philanthropy and Service Chair | Chris Novellino

House Manager | Harry Meyer

Historian | Palmer Parrish

Brotherhood Chair | David Moody

Sports Chair | Eli Gurner

Tailgate Chair | Connor Whitmore

Chaplain | Patrick Priest

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